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3D-Printed Immediate Dentures: A Case Report (1 CEU)
by Taylor Manalili, DDS  | March 24, 2021 | Chairside Magazine
by Roger P. Levin, DDS | March 24, 2021
Chairside Magazine
by Warren Jones, DMD | March 24, 2021
Chairside Magazine


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by Jamison Spencer, DMD, M.S
by Jamison Spencer, DMD, M.S
by Warren Jones, DMD
by Wilson Schmidt, RDA

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A dentist’s role in diagnosing sleep-related breathing disorders doesn’t need to be confusing — learn from Dr. Jamison Spencer how to screen your patients as well as work closely with your medical colleagues. 


Are you unsure how to begin dental sleep medicine treatment in your practice? Learn how to start today with screening and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea in your dental practice — with fewer hassles and side effects, and without having to become a medical billing expert.


The implant clinician must develop a strong foundation for understanding the direct relationship between systemic diseases and the planning and management phases of dental treatment.


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