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Glidewell 50th Anniversary

The clinician’s partnership with the lab technician is a beautiful thing. Like the left hand working with the right, each has their own unique skills and when collaborating harmoniously they accomplish incredibly meaningful outcomes for the patient. Prevention, restoration, healing, and even life transformation are all possible when the clinician has a laboratory partner that is united with them for the sake of the patient.

For more than 50 years, while the tools of our trades and our communication methods have advanced dramatically, Glidewell has maintained a laser-like focus on the thing that matters most: you and your patients.

GL 50th

Every new material, technology, and educational resource, along with the millions of restorations that have emerged from our laboratory, have all been developed and fabricated with you and your patients at the front of our mind. It is you, the doctor, who has been the source of our success as we have advanced the field of dentistry together over the last half-century. It is your commitment to caring for your patients that will continue to be the inspiration behind everything that we do as we move into the future.

Every patient deserves to have a healthy smile that they love. We will continue to innovate to provide you with the absolute best tools and materials you need to deliver that to every single patient. It is this humble optimism and steadfast focus on you and your patients that has allowed Glidewell to grow from one man working at his kitchen table to where we are today.

To learn more about how we can work together, you can download an Rx from our site or call us at 316-842-2926 to schedule a case pickup or to talk with one of our friendly customer service representatives. For free CE course resources, visit the Education section of our website to see our schedule of live classes or our on-demand video library. If you have questions or concerns, we are always here to listen and help.

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