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Glidewell Implant Solutions

As dentists strive to simplify and expand their implant services for the good of their patients and practices, the Glidewell family of implant solutions offers a predictable, efficient means of placing and restoring implants. As an industry-leading dental company that has restored millions of implant cases, we understand the challenges and complexity of implant dentistry, and offer a full array of implants, prosthetic components and restorative options to help you execute a straightforward treatment plan that keeps the focus on the end result.

Whether you’re placing or restoring implants — or both — keeping the surgical and restorative phases of treatment aligned can be a challenge. For clinicians looking to take the complexity out of this process, Glidewell offers simple implant solutions that were created with a unique understanding of how the surgical elements of implant dentistry affect the prosthetic outcome. From digital treatment planning, to dental implants, to cutting-edge restorations, Glidewell is well equipped to assist dentists with the full circle of implant care and maintaining a restorative-driven approach throughout treatment.

Jim Glidewell and Dr Jack Hahn

Straightforward Solutions from Dental Implant to Final Restoration

Like many of the dentists we serve, we believe dental implant treatment should be available to everyone who needs it. This philosophy is at the heart of everything we do. We make it easier for you to reach your goals and deliver high-quality products and services to patients across the economic spectrum. We have faith that when we work together, great strides can be made in expanding access to implant treatment.

In this spirit, we partnered with implant pioneer Dr. Jack Hahn, who has dedicated the last 50 years to making implant treatment more accessible to general dentists, to create the Hahn Tapered Implant System. We’ve dedicated extensive R&D toward CAD/CAM technology to produce more precise-fitting dental restorations, helping make custom abutments and screw-retained crowns essential components of the predictable outcomes dentists are delivering for patients around the world. As part of our company-wide vertical integration, we manufacture our own prosthetic components to ensure quality and help suppress treatment costs. All of these efforts are devoted to smoothing the path to success in the general practice.

From root to crown, you can count on us for simple, proven solutions for all phases of implant treatment — backed by world-class education, technical support and product replacement warranties. Browse our website or give us a call to discover how Glidewell can help you simplify the full circle of implant care. Register for a course with the Glidewell Clinical Education Training Center or the Misch-Resnik Implant Institute for practical instruction on placing and restoring implants.

As you endeavor to improve the lives of your patients through implant dentistry, our goal is to provide innovative solutions that help you replace teeth with maximum comfort for the patient and exceptional quality you can depend on — for the sake of smiles.

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