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Payment Methods

At Glidewell we think of you and therefore we include new payment methods for your choice, which apply as follows:

  • 50% Collection and 50% against delivery
  • 100% Against delivery

Considering the above, we will tell you about our payment methods:

Due to provisions of the National Government during the health emergency due to COVID-19, no cash payment is received for your health and that of our collaborators.

  1. We have payment through the PSE button from a savings or checking account at the link:
  2. We have at your disposal transfer or consignment in the “cuenta corriente” of the bank BBVA No. 417032828 in the name of Glidewell Colombia SAS Nit 900.931.308-2
  3. Banking correspondent at the main points of PAGATODO and VIA BALOTO that have a BBVA agreement and payment is made to the account.
  4. Nequi: Transfer to other banks (the payment is made to the BBVA account), enter the link:
  5. Daviplata: Transfer to other banks (the payment is made to the BBVA account), to find out about this means go to the link:
  6. If you are in Bogotá, one of our messengers can go to your office to pay with Datafono. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and checks
  7. Check name: Glidewell Colombia SAS

Important note: The client must ALWAYS indicate his full name in detail and send us the proof of payment with the invoices to be canceled to the email If you do not indicate the invoices that you cancel, the amount is applied to the balance owed.

  1. 3017848841//3172723871
  2. 3168422926 Call Center

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