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After graduating from a two-year dental technology program in 1969, Jim Glidewell, CDT, began a career that would forever change the dental industry. Glidewell Laboratories was established the following year with the philosophy of bringing comprehensive dental treatment to patients across the economic spectrum by providing high value at an affordable price. That philosophy continues to live on today thanks to the lab’s decades-long heritage of technological innovation and investment in research and development, as well as the addition of the Glidewell International Technology Center, a state-of-the-art continuing education facility, and Glidewell Direct, which provides clinical and laboratory products as a complement to the lab’s service offerings.

CAD/CAM technician designing crown laboratorios dentales

BruxZir Mill laboratorios dentales

In 2016, to provide laboratories and dental professionals in Colombia with the same quality of products and services offered in the United States, Glidewell Laboratories opened a laboratory in Bogotá, Colombia. Glidewell Colombia offers dentists a complete range of dental restorative services, including the award-winning BruxZir® Solid Zirconia.

We will continue to invest in new technologies and refine our products and services to better serve you and your patients. Our R&D department will conduct more advanced research; develop stronger, more esthetic materials; and improve traditional processes and techniques for your clinical success. We will continue to dedicate resources to the implant space with the production of affordable implant systems and all-inclusive restorative packages, advancing our mission of providing efficient, predictable solutions for dentists and patients by consolidating and improving the overall process of delivering implant treatment.

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As always, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and communication, which we continually strive to improve. We truly appreciate being a part of your restorative team and are committed to being a valuable partner and information source for you and your patients.


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“We strive to drive down restorative costs and expand patient access to affordable dentistry.”

— Jim Glidewell, CDT, President/CEO

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