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Comfort H/S™ Bite Splint
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Comfort H/S™ Bite Splint

The Comfort H/S™ Bite Splint is a splint designed to alleviate the pain and damage caused by severe bruxing or clenching of the teeth and is the most widely prescribed bite splint due to its comfort and fit.

  • Protect your patients’ teeth against the pain and damage of bruxing
  • New auxiliary procedure
  • Custom-made for every bite plane







The Most Widely Prescribed Bite Splint

The Comfort H/S Bite Splint is a splint designed to alleviate the pain and damage caused by severe bruxing or clenching of the teeth and is the most widely prescribed bite splint due to its comfort and fit. It is BPA-, metal-, and acrylic-free and available in clear, blue and pink.

Two layers make up the Comfort H/S Bite Splint: a 1 mm soft polyurethane inner layer and a 3 mm hard copolyester outer layer. The soft internal surface rests comfortably against the teeth and gums, while the hard occlusal surface provides durability.

“If a dentist merely watches patients as they wear their teeth down, they are practicing supervised neglect and contributing to continued tooth destruction.”

– Gordon Christensen, DDS, Founder and CEO of Practical Clinical Courses (PCC) and Cofounder and CEO of Clinicians Report® Foundation (CR)® Foundation (CR)
“I’ve settled on your splint, actually — the Comfort H/S. For the most part, the Hard/Soft goes in really simple, really easy, doesn’t take a lot of thinking. There’s a little bit of adjustments, but nothing like an acrylic splint like we learned to make.”

– Anton Misleh, DDS
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The Comfort H/S Bite Splint is made to protect the occlusal surfaces of the teeth from damage or wear. Comfort H/S Splints can be fabricated for the upper or the lower arch.

Material Composition 

  • Inner Layer: 1 mm soft polyurethane
  • Outer Layer: 3 mm hard copolyester

In-Lab Working Times  

3 days

Available Colors

Clear, blue and pink

Policies & Warranty 

NO-FAULT REMAKE POLICY: Glidewell is pleased to process all remakes or adjustments at no additional charge if requested within the warranty period and accompanied by the return of the original appliance.

LIMITED WARRANTY/LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Glidewell (“the lab”) warrants that all dental devices (a “device”) are made according to your specification and approval in the belief that the device will be useful and MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Subject to the return of a device that is placed and then fails, the lab will repair or replace the device without charge for the cost of materials and workmanship or refund the original price paid, at the lab's option, for up to 7 years for glass ceramic veneers and for the life of the patient originally receiving the restoration from the date of placement for zirconia veneers. This limited lifetime performance warranty shall apply to direct end-user customers (treating clinicians) only.


Clinical Tips

Ensure an accurate, void-free impression is captured for both arches. To provide a precise fit for the patient, check to make sure the impression material is free of tears or bubbles. Verify midline position and bite by instructing the patient to close into centric relation.

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